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Digitization Handbook

Planning of the project

Introduction/explanation of the step

In order to successfully digitize, publish and share -part of- your collection, we recommend to treat this as a project: specific targets to be reached within a specific period of time (aim at less than 1 year) and with necessary resources. If your project takes more than a year to finish, you could consider splitting it up into smaller projects, so the work is more manageable. Ideally your project is a part of an overall digitisation plan that refers to the mission statement of your organisation.

In this step, you need to decide on what you want to accomplish with your project (the “why”), what part of your collection you want to digitize (the “what”) and plan the necessary steps, taking into account your resources like people and budget, but also the quality you want to achieve (the “how”).

Important aspects to consider from the start, are the copyrights and licenses of the materials that will be used, as well as their long term storage, maintenance and access.

The following text is meant to help you in the planning of your project by providing explanation, guidelines and tools, suited to your needs. NB. some of the terms used are explained at the end of this chapter.